Syn Anders is an evolved human from Heroes.


Syn's ability is empathic manipulation. She can manipulate other people's emotions after physically touching them, persuading them to do what she wants. This is different from Guillame, who can introduce positive or negative sensatiosn in other people. Syn manipulates emotions and can control the volume and intensity of those emotions as well. She can make them feel joy, which causes it to spread to others. She can make them feel sympathetic and help someone out in need. On the other hand, she can make people angry to incite a riot. She can make them feel depression, so they commit suicide. She can make them so frightened, they cry like a baby. She can make someone feel extreme happiness and suddenly be moved to tears of joy or furious anger, causing the heart to race and, if pushed, to explode.

Until now, she has only really used her ability to amuse herself in those long winters in Minnesota. An extra smile her to stay up a little later or a few more tears there to get some sympathy. However, so far she cannot use her ability on herself.

According to her assignment tracker file at, Syn's control index is 45%. Her data analysis shows her biological level is at 80, cerebral at 65, elemental at 10, and temporal/spatial at 35.

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